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                      Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Shibang Electronics Co., Ltd.! XML | News | About Us | Chinese
                      Free Design · Free Proofing:

                      Shibang Product Center

                      Focus on waterproof connectors, waterproof solutions

                      Shibang electronics 5 core competitiveness

                      We pay attention to quality, efficiency, and benefits, and everything we do is for customers

                      Over 10 years of developmentHundreds of customers have been served
                      and accumulated rich product experience

                      Custom map Custom-made Concept Collaborative


                      There is no need to worry about quality and efficiency, and operating standards can be complied with.


                      The production was extremely smooth, and the independent inspection was done well.


                      Statistical analysis is only valid, and raw data must be reliable.


                      It is not checked out, the product is made.


                      ISO depends on everyone for success, and quality management is standardized.

                      4 advantages of Daliwei bring you comprehensive protection

                      Go hand in hand, shape the future with you


                      Rich product experience Rich product experience
                      • Stable supplier of high quality raw materials
                      • Theproduction process is strictly in accordance with the production formula and process throughout the production process, with stable product properties.
                      • Before the finished product leaves the factory, it will undergo strict factory inspection and output a test report to ensure good quality.

                      High Quality

                      Comprehensive technical guidance services A FULL RANGE OF TECHNICAL GUIDANCE SERVICES, OR SENT TO THE STATION
                      • A technical suppor team composed of dozens of technical engineers to solve technical problems for customers in a timely manner
                      • I dont know about electronic products, Shibang will send technicians to the factory site to guide and assist
                      • If the cooperation is long, Daliwei can provide export talent service and free technical training


                      Provide solutions, customers proofing for free Providing solutions for customization customers free proofing
                      • In order to meet customer needs, professional teams provide customers with product problem solutions
                      • Aiming at the continuous innovation of new products and the reform of old processes, we use mechanized production.
                        The labor cost is greatly reduced, and the reduced cost is given to each customer.
                      • The company has a professional proofing team. As long as the customer provides requirements, we will immediately proof for customers free of charge

                      Stable supply chain

                      Complete sales system IMPROVE THE SYSTEM OF ONE-STOP SALES
                      • Sales engineers follow up on customer needs one-on-one
                      • From packaging, transportation, and timeliness, we can reach customers in time, quantity and quality.
                      • Collection of product feedback information, Shibang Electronics also achieved seven days unconditional return.



                      Custom process

                      • 18%Communication needs
                      • 36%Provide the solution
                      • 56%Product proofing
                      • 78%Client confirmation
                      • 90%Mass production
                      • 100%Inspection and delivery
                      • 100+%After sales service

                      Custom Hotline: 139-2581-3050

                      Into Shibang · Shaping the future with you

                      Go hand in hand, shape the future with you

                      about us

                      Dongguan Shibang Electronics Co., Ltd.

                        Dongguan Shibang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and has an independent plant with an area of 5,000 square meters. There are more than 120 employees and more than 20 management technicians. There are more than 120 existing processing equipments, and the monthly output reaches 800KKpcs. It is a professional precision connector manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company mainly produces waterproof switches, waterproof USB, waterproof USB TYPE-C, waterproof PHONE JACK, DC socket, HDMI, USB, TF / SD / SIM card socket, touch switch, RJ45, FPC connector, etc. Products are widely used in Bluetooth headsets, smart home, MID, mobile phones, GPS navigation, digital cameras, car audio and other digital products.

                      Shibang News

                      Focus on manufacturers dynamics

                      Classification of multiplexer

                      According to the operation method, it can be divided into: rotary type, toggle type and lever type. Rotary switches are usually used. Each contact of the band switch is fixed on an insulating substrat



                      USB Type-C Features

                      USB Type-C has the following characteristics:1. The maximum data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit / s, which is also the standard of USB 3.1;2.Type-C interface socket si..



                      TACT Tact Switch Instructions

                      TACT Tact Switch Instructions1. General mattersThis product is mainly used in common electronic equipment such as automation devices, video devices, household appliances, information devices and commu



                      Application range of electronic connectors

                      With the rapid growth of various high-end electronic product markets, and the continuous shift of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place in th

                      Common ProblemF&A&Q

                      • Quality and application areas of pin headers

                        Quality is the guarantee for the development and survival of an enterprise. In all the company's production and operation activities, insisting on quality first is a prerequisite for us to gain a foo

                      • Use high-quality connectors to make capacitors more powerful

                        Capacitance refers to the amount of charge stored at a given potential difference. It is widely used. It is mainly used in power filtering, signal filtering, signal coupling, resonance, DC blocking an

                      • Touch switch definition

                        Tact switch is an electronic switch that can be turned on by lightly pressing the switch button when in use. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The internal structure of the switch i


                      Go hand in hand, shape the future with you

                      Contact us

                      Tel:0769-86309898, 86304898


                      Address: No. 1 Liusha South Road,Liuwu,Shijie Town,
                      Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China

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